Dear Friends of Bluebonnet,

             After much consideration, the board of directors at Bluebonnet Youth Ranch has made the official decision to cancel the 2017 Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Golf Tournament altogether. This includes the two-day golf tournament, Sunday night Dinner & Auction, and Showdown at Schroeder Hall that was set to take place on October 1st and 2nd. Under the circumstances brought on by hurricane Harvey, we felt that this was the most appropriate decision for everyone involved in the event.
            Bluebonnet was fortunate to have damage to only one building and the security lighting in our parking lot. The children evacuated with their house parents to the Texas Hill Country and are now back to their daily routines at the ranch. We know many of our corporate sponsors, hole sponsors, volunteers, celebrities, entertaining donors, and venue hosts have suffered considerable damage to their property. In our area of Texas, stretching from Corpus to the Louisiana border, people faced either severe wind damage or flooding. If a person in our area didn’t have their own damage, certainly a family member or friend encountered some. Texas is coming back as we receive help from fellow Texans as well as from people across the country.
            We look forward to resuming the event again in 2018, with optimistic expectations for a comeback year. All sponsorship’s that have already been paid for this year will be honored at the 2018 tournament. We are happy to announce that the kick-off luncheon for 2018 is scheduled for Wednesday June 27, 2018. The Celebrity Golf Tournament and Showdown is set to take place on September 30th and October 1st of 2018.
            For 35 years there has not been any interruption to the BYR Celebrity Golf Tournament and Showdown, a notable event that provides a significant amount of funds toward the operational expenses at Bluebonnet Youth Ranch. Operational expenses can include anything from food, clothing, and insurance, to utilities. Due to the loss of income from this cancellation, Bluebonnet Youth Ranch is working diligently on other upcoming events to help recuperate some of those funds. This includes our insert featured in the December issue of the Victoria Advocate Newspaper, the Charity Concert Series, and the Spring Fling. If you or your business are interested in becoming a sponsor for one of these events, please contact Tara Vesely at (361) 772-2199. 
           While we are disappointed by the absence of the most memorable and long-standing fundraiser put on by Bluebonnet, we are hopeful for the future. Mostly, we are grateful for the outpouring of love and understanding by each of you. The success of Bluebonnet Youth Ranch’s mission, to provide children with a safe loving home and hope for a bright future, would not be possible without your support. Thank you for your dedication to the children and to your community.

Claud Jacobs
Last Living Founder of Bluebonnet Youth Ranch